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Room 12A1, Block A, Zhonghangbeiyuan Building, No.42 Zhonghang Road, Futian District, Shenzhen

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Shenzhen city
R&C Alliance
Supplier of imported radio-electronic components with a European level of service and Russian managers. Purchase directly in China, without Russian surcharges, in compliance with delivery and storage standards.
If you have already worked with China, you have encountered the following problems:
Quality and originality
There is no internal inspection of the product by a technical specialist before shipment.
At the quota stage, it is difficult to tell whether the component is original or not.
Speed and range
It can take a week to process a BOM (more than 100 items), and not every supplier can deliver the entire list.
Managers in China take a long time to resolve warranty issues and often do not want to cooperate with costumers, because it is not easy to prove a component malfunction.
Most Chinese suppliers do not allow you to consolidate all purchased goods, including from other suppliers.
Language barrier
When a controversial issue arises, purchasing managers in China often spend a lot of time, because on the Chinese side, purchasers can pretend that they do not understand what is being said.
They often offer frankly unprofitable solutions for buyers.
The manager has to spend a lot of effort to convince the supplier to solve the warranty case.
R&C Alliance
Perfect compliance with delivery deadlines.

Over 10 years of working with Chinese suppliers of electronic companents, the R&C Alliance team has developed strict product quality control standards and established strong partnerships with proven manufacturers.

First of all, we are a Chinese company with the capabilities of suppliers from China, with Russian-speaking management and an understanding of what the Russian consumer needs.

Important for our customers!
Guarantee of originality, fast processing of applications, a wide range of products and communication in your native language.
Quality and originality
The technician performs an input inspection of all incoming components before sending them.
At the quota stage, we provide information about the originality of components and draw up a commercial offer.
If you have a question about quality or labeling, we will test the components in a specialized laboratory and promptly replace the low-quality product at our expense.
Speed and range
The sales manager processes most requests in 24 hours.
R&C Alliance allows you to consolidate all products before shipping, including those purchased from other Chinese suppliers.
We will help you deliver your order from American and European warehouses additionally and at no extra charge.
Language barrier
Russian-speaking managers are well aware of both markets and their specifics.
Team in 2 countries: in Russia sales department and management, in China management team, application processing managers, technical department for product verification and warehouse staff.
R&C Alliance Services
Supply of high-tech PLDs, ADCs, DACs, processors, microcontrollers, memory systems, RF and microwave components.
Search for components that are difficult to access, outdated, or discontinued.
Purchase of products from a specific supplier at the request of the client, under our control and with recommendations, if we notice the risks.
Consolidation of all products before shipment, which will significantly save the cost of delivery.
Delivery of components from American and European warehouses additionally, at no extra charge.
Turnkey settup FEA (we will help you sign a contract, transfer money to China, and arrange transportation).
Functional checks of components before sending.
* All components no older than 3 years have a 1-year warranty after receipt. If there are other requirements for the warranty period, we will try to take them into account during individual review.
Production and installation of printed circuit boards of any size and complexity.
We test each printed circuit board in the laboratory
We conduct physical testing of consumer electronics at all stages of production: we test materials, components, and finished products. We guarantee high quality of our products.
Testing equipment
Solder Tester
Physical Laboratory
Metallographic analyzer
Atomic (spectral) analyzer
3D X-ray
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Who are our customers
Manufacturing enterprises of the radio-electronic industry, contract production facilities and suppliers of electronic components.
Application areas
Medical equipment
Medical equipment
Mechanical engineering
Instrument engineering
Oil and gas industry
Geodetic equipment
R&C Alliance sales team in Moscow
Pavel Nyakhin
Director of Development
Anastasia Gorbulina
Head of Sales
Dmitry Krivulkin
Sales Manager
Tarasova Marina
Sales Manager
Oksana Niy
China Liaison Officer
Irina Azrapkina
Sales Manager
Are you already working with China?
If you are tired of choosing a supplier by trial and error, leave a request and we will prepare a commercial offer. Use the form below to attach the file, or send an email with a request to our email address
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Stages of work
Getting a request

You can send a list of products of interest in any convenient form. For example, by email or via the request form on our website.

Sometimes customers can make mistakes and add items with incomplete part numbers. To exclude the delivery of an incorrect component, the manager checks the correctness of each item in the request.

Preparing a commercial offer

The sales manager gives the buyer a response within 24 hours with prices, deadlines, and the year of production. Once again, we remind you that the cost remains unchanged for you, because we are suppliers of electronic components from China with Russian managers.

We sign documents and pay for the invoice

After agreeing on the terms of delivery, the manager sends an invoice in dollars or yuan. You pay from your foreign currency account under a direct contract to our account in BANK OF CHINA. After payment, we place an order.

We deliver to the consolidation warehouse

Before shipment, a warehouse employee collects all the productes in a special anti-static storage facility in Shenzhen to consolidate and check the entire order in terms of appearance, quantity and labeling. This allows us to make sure that our customers receive the product of the right year of manufacture, the correct batch and in compliance with all conditions.

We pack according to the ISO 9001-2015 system standard

If there is a need to repackage chips for further transportation, the packer collects the tested product in metallized antistatic bags with moisture absorbers and humidity indicators.

Damage caused by static electricity can lead to a complete or partial loss of efficiency.

Preparing documents

To avoid any problems with customs clearance, our manager will prepare an export declaration and shipping documents. Together with the productes, you get a well-designed package of documents for presentation at customs, the correct dimensions, weight of each place, so that the contents of the packing list correspond to what was sent.

We deliver to the transport company

After the inspection, the logistician ships the productes to the specified location in China. This can be your intermediate warehouse or immediately delivered to the carrier that will take the goods to Russia.

There are hundreds of manufacturers and brands in our catalog